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A Majestic Emptiness, Musings from the Mountains

Mountains have a special place in my life. In normal scenarios, any relationship is based on mutual give and take. In this case, however, it's just taking. Mountains have given me so much and in return I have nothing to give back. The only way to establish a bridge in this relationship is through creating images.

Unlike the river, my relation with the mountains is not very old. It had started to evolve gradually after entering the professional life. For the last few years though, at least once a year, my small group and I become a little adventurous and trek to some remote ridges or valleys in the Himalayas. For some time, my son has also been accompanying us in these treks.

These treks have ensured that my relation with the mountains have become more and more intense. Depending on the time of the year, the weather, and the state of the mind, the mountains showcase their beauty in a variety of ways, ranging from the majestic to the mystic. Among the kaleidoscope of beauty and feelings that these scenes evoke, the one that attracts me the most is a sense of vast emptiness. May be because of that, most of the photos in this section are in black and white. Even for the paintings I have restricted the usage of color to the minimum.

May be because it is hard to convey the sense of emptiness within a gamut of majestic colors…

by Bhaskar

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