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drawing with light

Gourab Guha - Portfolio


Taking agricultural land for industrialization has been the dominant narrative of development in the 21st century, especially in the developing countries. In this context, the story of Singur in West Bengal’s Hooghly district stands as a striking example in reversing the trend.
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Expressions come naturally to children. Those expressions are unadulterated, energetic and rhythmic. These qualities make every moment special and remarkably different from another moment. This series brings together a collection of such expressions from childhood.
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The most important and poignant part of one’s face are his or her eyes. They can hold secrets, tell stories and portray feelings and emotions. In short, they are the onlooker’s filters to the realities of that person. This series captures some of those realities.

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Life has innumerable shades and these shades are highlighted when people are placed in their surroundings. This series captures the various moments in the lives of people from different walks of life to throw light on the sheer variety of shades that life has.

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Street & Documentary Photographer

Major Awards

1. Social Documentary work – “Transformation from industry to agriculture. The remarkable story of Singur" is published by following international magazines:
- September, 2017 - POSI+TIVE magazine Italy – Ref -
- September, 2017 - Social Documentary Network - Ref -
2. Special Mention Award organized by Inner Vision in August, 2017 3. Part of the Exhibition on theme Portrait in B&W at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece in June, 2017 – Ref -
4. Part of the Exhibition (Portrait) at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece in Feb, 2017 – Ref -
5. Mentor’s Selection Award in Street Portrait category organized by Delhi Photo Enthusiasts Guild (World Photographers Club) in August, 2016 – Ref -
6. Featured in a limited edition book released by Delhi Photo Enthusiasts Guild (World Photographers Club) on the same theme for the same contest mentioned above
7. Part of the Exhibition at Bartselona Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia in July, 2016 – Ref -
8. Photographs published in Pleasures Magazine, Still in Belgrade in July, 2016
- Ref 1 -
- Ref 2 -
9. Photo Series – “Glimpse of Childhood” is published by e-Magazine AGAMIKAL in August, 2015 - Ref -
10. Part of the Exhibition at Album Gallery in London, UK in August, 2015
11. Photograph published in Amateur Photographer – UK in August, 2015 – Ref -


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