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drawing with light

Debiprasad Mukherjee - Portfolio


Another world with a presence of absence remains within the sound of silence, little world within our big planet rotating on another orbit with its own rhythm. To most it may seem insignificant yet it undeniably exists, with its own citizens, own language, own emotions, own sounds or rather its own silence too.
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India have made her prominence felt on the world map through taking giant steps in technology and economy. On the other hand, it’s still a country where exorcism exists. This series explores some of the most dramatic and thought provoking moments from the unique “Ghost Fair-Exorcism”.
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“I am lost..I am trying to find my mother...I am Shahrukh... Shahrukh Mondal” …These were the first few words uttered by a 7 year old when he was being rescued by the RPF from the Sealdah Station in Kolkata. This series focuses on Shahrukh’s life in those few months and through that, explores the poignant story of runway children.
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“Old is dying and the new cannot be born.” Probably this was the most appropriate phrase to describe the situation in the first fortnight in UK since the declaration of BREXIT result. Confusions, predictions and expectations are everywhere. This series explores many of those moods.
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The “Vivekananda Road Flyover” collapsed in the heart of Kolkata, India on 31st March, 2016. It resulted in the loss of 25+ innocent lives, critical injuries to over 100+ victims as well as utter chaos. This series captures the various aspects of that catastrophic collapse.

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We come across multiple faces every day. Most of them fade away, into the wraps of memory and time. However, some of them remain and create an impact so deep that stay in our memories. This collection is about faces that have stayed with me.

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"a dream within a dream
what if the sages were wrong
stoned out of their minds
what if I die
before this dream is over"
- A photographic doubt by Debiprasad and Tanka in response by great Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock
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Documentary Photographer

Major Awards
• Neutral Density Photography Gold Star Award (Photojournalism/Story), 2016
• 1st Place Winner of 100 Best Art Photos of the Year 2016 (Street/Documentary Series) by 35Awards, Russia
• 3rd Place Winner in the MonoVisions Photography Awards UK in the category “Photojournalism” Series 2017
• Honorable Mention (Photojournalism / Story) from INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2016
• Winner of Nikon India ‪‎PowerYourClicks Photography Contest 2016 (Judged by Magnum Photographer Mr. Raghu Rai)
• Honorable Mention (Editorial Photo Essay) from Moscow International Foto Awards 2017
• First prize winner of Fotoforum Award Menschen Germany, 2016
• Honorable Mention (Photojournalism) in the MONOCHROME AWARDS, UK 2016
• Runner-up in InterAction (alliance organization in Washington, D.C. of NGOs) 14th Annual Photo Contest for “Women Empowerment”, 2016
• Photographic Society of America Gold Medals
• Photographic Society of Singapore Gold Medals
• Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique Gold Medals
• International Association of Art Photographers Gold Medals
• International Union of Photographers Jury’s Choice Gold Medal
• Global Photographic Union Gold Medals
• United Photographers International Gold Medals
• Czech Federation of Art Photography Silver Medal
• NFC Argentino Silver Medal
• Master of Light Silver Medals
• Second place winner in ‘Global Village’ Photo Competition from Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers, UK
• Special Mention, Annual India Photography Award – 2016
• Diploma Image Sans Frontiere, France
• Zivko Janevski Bronze Medal

Also many honorable mentions/prizes from Ireland, Serbia, US, Singapore, UK, Argentina, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hong Kong, Ukrain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina & India.

His photographs have been published in many international magazines/websites e.g. Vogue Italia, National Geographic, F-Stop (USA), Rammajamma Images (Australia), Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers (UK), Dodho Magazine (Spain), Fotoform Magazine (Germany), Life Force Magazine, Social Documentary Network, Positive, Monovisions, ViewFind, Private Photo Review, 121Clicks, Edge of Humanity etc.

International Exhibition of Art & Photography at “Galerie Romain Rolland”, Indo-French Cultural Center, New Delhi (2015), Slovenia International Photographic Exhibition (2016), Plovdiv International Photo Festival Bulgaria (2016), The Search for Economic Justice Exhibition at University of Wisconsin La Crosse USA, Photography Group Exhibition “Portraiture” Serbia (2016), PONDY-ART 2016 – DRIVING FORCE Photography Exhibition, Pondicherry, India, Asian University for Women Bangladesh (2016), Photo Life – Art Hub Annual Exhibition Kolkata, India (2015), Consortium for Street Children, UK (2017), Instagram First Ever Photography Exhibition in India (2016), Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata (2016/2017), Spring Photo Festival Bardaf Slovakia (2016) etc.


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